We deliver daily!

No matter the size of the project, scheduling is an important part of success. Heart-Fab makes sure your parts are available as, and when they are needed.

From our facilities in Hazelridge, Manitoba, we can deliver to most of South-East Manitoba with ease. Our delivery service will get your finished order to you on time, Monday through Saturday.

We work with your schedule

Heart-Fab can deliver - whether you need one unique piece to finish a project, or a thousand perfectly made components.

With a wide range of common and specialty steels available, and a variety of state-of-the-art tools at our disposal, we are committed to making sure every part we produce meets your design specifications, and performs as planned.

Our commitment to the highest possible quality and speed allows us to keep our prices competitive, to help you keep your projects within your budget.

Our facility

Heart-Fab has chosen the best tools available to grow our capabilities and remain at the leading edge of our industry.

Over the years we have acquired an impressive set of machinery and tools from a range of manufacturers each with its own role in making sure we can meet any designs which come our way.

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