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We are Manitoba's Heartland Fabricators 

Since we acquired our first flat sheet laser cutting machine, Heart-Fab has been in a leading spot among metal Fabricators in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  Currently running three state-of-the-art laser cutters allows Heart-Fab the flexibility to handle orders from larger scale and diverse commercial applications.
Heart-Fab uses state-of-the-art machinery to produce high quality, precisely crafted metal components for a variety of applications, including the construction and agriculture industries, and even sculpture and other specialty work. Heart-Fab offers CNC saw cutting, precision forming and sheet metal fabrication, as well as many other fabrication related services.


Done right, done on time

At Heart-Fab, your success is our main concern. Every part we create is checked thoroughly for uniformity and quality. Every order we complete is done with care, attention to accuracy and detail. Whether your order is small or a large, multiple-run project, we will work with your schedule to ensure that you get the parts you need, when you need them.

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