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preparation & experience

Choosing the right tools and processes for each job is an important step to producing high quality fabricated metal components. While Heart-Fab specializes in laser cutting, CNC forming and CNC cutting, we are well equipped to address many common and uncommon needs for metal fabrication.


Preparing metalwork for use in a project often requires more than just cutting or forming the materials. Assembly, custom processing, and other work can be necessary to finish metal parts. Everything from various kinds of cutting, forming, rolling, machining, and welding to powder coating and other finishes – we have the resources and experience to fabricate whatever your project requires.


From start to finish, Heart-Fab will work with you and your requirements, We are committed to delivering results on time, exactly as designed, at competitive prices. If you have a project you would like to discuss, contact Heart-Fab.



Specialized Metal Fabrication by Heart Fab Ltd.

Sheet Laser Cutting

Sheet Laser Cutting by Heart Fab Ltd.

Sheet laser cutting makes the most complex and repetitive flat cuts simple, accurate and fast. With a beam width of only 3/1000th of an inch, and available power up to 6 kW, our sheet laser machines can cut steel up to an inch thick, and aluminum up to 1/2" thick, hour after hour.


Computerized numeric controlled cutting, also known as CNC, provides many benefits over other methods. Certain materials such as aluminum or copper, benefit from the advantages CNC saws and other tools can provide.


Heart-Fab is equipped with a number of CNC tools, including a CNC saw, allowing us to choose the right tool for every job.

Tube Laser Cutting

Tube Laser Cutting by Heart Fab Ltd.

Tube laser machines can cut almost any contour, no matter how complex, in exactly the same way every time. This reliability means the laser cutting process is far more accurate, faster, and more cost-effective than traditional methods of tube cutting and connection, which opens up new possibilities for stronger and more appealing fabricated designs.

Plasma Oxy Fuel Cutting


While laser cutting machines can be very fast and accurate, some materials require special attention. Thicker plates, and those made of certain metals, cannot be cut effectively by laser cutting machines. Heart-Fab employs plasma and flame cutting methods for some larger projects, based on the materials needed, to ensure the quality of our work.

CNC Forming

CNC Forming by Heart Fab Ltd.

Many of our projects require more than precision cut metal sheets. Pieces cut, and formed to exact specifications require specialized, precise equipment to achieve the right angles and dimensions.

Our capabilities include CNC forming for pieces far larger than many industry standard machines are able to produce. Each piece Heart-Fab forms is automatically measured, monitored and corrected as part of the process to ensure each bend will be correct, reducing waste and ensuring our costs, and prices, remain competitive.

CNC Machining


Fabricating large quantities of precision-made, identical parts often requires numerous steps to be managed in exact order.


CNC machining processes, such as CNC drilling and tapping, improve the reliability of parts we produce, and help us ensure that every part is finished exactly as it is requested and designed.


CNC Machining services are available for any parts produced by Heart-Fab.

Powder Coating

Coating B.jpg

Heart-Fab recently invested in a new state of the art automated powder coating system. Our system includes a fully automated washing system and robotic powder applicators   Our 4 stage washer ensures that the parts we coat are totally clean and free of any foreign materials which is essential for a durable and quality coated part.  

Shot blasting is also available as a pre-treatment on all coated parts.

Powder coating is available on all the products we produce.



Heart-Fab is a CWB certified shop offering welding services as part of our fabrication process.

A lot of components we produce require welding as a added service.  Heart-Fab has a wide range of welding options available, either robotic welding or hands on. We weld Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Aluminum in Mig and Tig.



Drafting Services

Drafting Services by Heart Fab Ltd.

Detailed, precise design is essential to creating high quality machined components. Heart-Fab offers a range of drafting services, including 3D drafting, custom drawings and part design, for any parts that will be fabricated using our other machining, cutting or processing services.


Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet 4.jpg

Some  materials are impossible to cut on a Laser or Plasma. Our Waterjet allows us to deal with practically any requirement that we receive. The cutting process on a Waterjet is cold which prevents heat distortion which is very vital in some applications.


Our Waterjet allows us to cut a lot of different materials that are hard  to cut with our other machines. Almost any material can be cut with a Waterjet. For example, plastics, metals heavy stainless steel and aluminum, titanium, copper, rubber, glass, concrete, ceramics and stone.