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Custom Precision Laser Cutting and Metal Fabrication

Heart-Fab is skilled at custom and precision laser cutting and metal fabrication for commercial businesses looking for custom made high-end metal components and products with quick turn-around. Unlike other metal fabricators, Heart-Fab has a large on-site store of metal materials that allows us to quickly perform Sheet Laser cutting, tube laser cutting, Plasma Oxy-Fuel cutting, CNC Forming, CNC Machining, Painting and Powder Coating, Welding and Drafting Services that allows us to meet common and uncommon needs for metal fabrication at an unsurpassed quality and speed that allows us to keep our prices competitive - helping you keep your projects within your budget.

A Standard of Metal Fabrication you won't find anywhere else



Heart-Fab uses state-of-the-art metal forming equipment that provides quality and cost efficient metal fabrications. Our in-house inventory of different grades of steel, ranging from abrasive resistant, hot rolled to hot-rolled pickled and oiled, will help ensure your product specifications can be met; whether you're looking for simple masonry support angles and lintels, intricate canopies, and anything else you can imagine. 


Our Trumpf lasers also ensure accuracy; cutting steel, stainless steel and aluminum to within .004 inch.


We are also well positioned to help fulfill your product expectations that go beyond steel and aluminum, as Heart-Fab’s fibre optic laser efficiently cuts thinner materials such as brass and copper. In addition, our Waterjet technology also provides us the ability to help with any project you might have that includes composite plastics, granite and more.

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